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Carewarekompagniet is the distributor of innovative technologies for arm support, assistive eating devices and other assistive living technology for health institutions throughout Denmark.

Our products are characterized by high quality and flexibility, which makes it easy to implement for both users and employees.

Our typical customers are municipalities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and group homes throughout the country. We work closely with our manufacturers, customers and users during testing and implementation, and develop solutions to match changing needs and new user groups.

“The dynamic arm support Edero is a prime example of a state of the art product that in its simplicity can be used by many different people for different functions – rehabilitation, ADL-activities and occupations with static repetitive movements.”

Bente Tolstrup, CEO of Carewarekompagniet – CWK

“In the Occupational Therapist group we really enjoy your approach, goodwill and your wish to understand the exact needs of our users. We have told everybody to contact you”.

J. Spangsberg, Værløse – Leading Occupational Therapist

“It is amazing to experience the care deeply about your products – your dedication and passion is clearly felt”.

A. Campagner, Copenhagen – Occupational Therapist Consultant

HOTLINE +45 31 44 42 48

Do you need to talk to a consultant? Office hours Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm


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Sørupvej 40C
3480 Fredensborg

Telephone: (+45) 31 44 42 48
CVR: 26637929

Exclusive distributor in Denmark

Exclusive distributor in Denmark of Bestic assistive devices and Armon arm supports.

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